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Pancake Inventor’s Notebook—A Photographer’s Cookbook

An epicurean feast—for the eyes and palate by David Leech & Lizzy Davies

David & Lizzy love to cook and host epicurean parties with wine pairings, audiophile stereo, fine art, and conversation. Their Pancake Inventor’s Notebook was 15 years in the making: bursts of hungry inspiration in between life, travel, and work.

Food is best enjoyed communally and what better way to start than cooking something simple? For young beginners and seasoned kitchen gurus alike, the “Pancake Inventor’s Notebook” is a “must have” for burgeoning pancake aficionados. We unabatedly encourage you to raise taste buds to the next level.


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4 reviews for Pancake Inventor’s Notebook

  1. Kathy Richardier, City Palate magazine

    Love this book! Such a fun effort and David and Lizzy have done an amazing job of putting it together. Such a project for them, WOW!
    Beautiful photography, David, it’s what you do! And the two of you have devised good, do-able recipes for all meals of the day. Thank you, it’s a good book for me and I’ve bought some of these for others who will love it too.
    Thank you! Such a project for you, but YOU DID IT!

  2. Jola kaneary with SKINNY CHEF KITCHEN

    Great pancake book! Both seasoned and beginner cooks will find equal inspirations for fantastic meals and treats! Wonderful photography and very useful tips throughout the book! Well done Lizzy and David!

  3. Jola kaneary, Skinny chef kitchen

    Wonderfully written and photographed cookbook! Great inspiration for both beginner and seasoned cook….lots of good tips throughout the book and eye pleasing photos…well done Lizzy and David!,

  4. Ella

    Great book, it is a pleasure to have it!!

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